Shipped out some boxed sets of these to @shopterrain today with the help of my new official part time employee @hollin !

Just started some commissioned dinosaur artwork. This is gonna be fun!

My favorite leather pouch. You know, of the hundreds of leather pouches I have.

It’s time to start holiday cards and to finish them quickly!

Cleaned up the workspace some but still lots more to do before it’s actually clean and organized. I need a bigger space soon.

Some of the new cards that will be available at Renegade SF this weekend!

two favorite ceramics pieces from Renegade LA by @aquestionofeagles

Sweating it out at Renegade LA today! It’s a little cooler and cloudy now so it’s a good time to drop by.

These bird calls are almost done for Renegade LA tomorrow! Each one is unique. @renegadecraft

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